The Weekend’s Funny 5

Just a few gags to make you gag on this fine weekend.

  1. My new idea for a fundraiser: Dragon Goat races. (A work in progress)
  2. I may be going to Tim Horton’s too much. Last week I had some blood work done and apparently I have dangerously high levels of dark roast.
  3. The Top Hat is moving to where Coyote Joe’s is on Mayor Magrath Drive. Wife: “What was your car doing parked at The Top Hat?” Husband: “Um…overflow parking for the Japanese Gardens.”
  4. Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper will be the keynote speaker at a Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce conference this fall. He will talk about international trade. He’s hoping to trade Justin Trudeau for Angela Merkel.
  5. Speaking of trades, The Vegas Golden Knights traded their mascot to Cirque du Soleil for a gymnast and a comedic clown to be named later.

Cool “Carts” Interesting People: Darryl Kenna and the Gord Laurie Foundation

For anyone who knows Darryl Kenna you’ll know that he doesn’t like to talk about himself. But if you ask him to talk about the late Gord Laurie, he’s all in. Gord was an important mentor in Darryl’s life and is the reason for The Gord Laurie Foundation.  Our interview takes place at Henderson Lake Golf Course which was a favourite spot for Gord.

Gord loved to see kids on the course learning a sport that taught both sportsmanship and developed character. Golf pro Dean Spriddle shared that vision and as a result there is a successful junior golf program at Henderson.


Today we decided to alter our title of  Cool Cars, Interesting People a little bit. After all the interview takes place on a golf course. So here is Cool “Carts” Interesting People.

Playin’ The Hits-1974

It was around June in 1974 when I got my first gig in radio at the old 1090 CHEC. I was the all-night jock on Friday and Saturday night working midnight to 7am. I was in heaven. I didn’t care that I was making poverty wages. I lived at home with my parents. And no I don’t apologize for it. I couldn’t have made ends meet without them. It was the start of my career and they were incredibly supportive. It was one of the best times of my life. I was doing what I really wanted to do and I was learning my craft. (There was a lot to learn.)

I came across a Canadian music chart of the big hits of 1974. As I looked at the list it brought back instant memories. Music can transport you back in time and at least for me recreate an instant emotion. Some of the songs I loved. Some you wondered how the hell they became number 1 hits. Many of these tunes I can remember how long the intro was so that I could “hit the fade.” (Meaning you stop talking the instant the vocals come in.)

Seeing these songs also brings melancholy. My summer of 1974 was the foundation of who I became. While it was one of the best summer’s of my life it would be the start of a career that over 43 years had moments of heartbreak and despair and at the age of 61 there are times I question whether I made the right decision. Today, however I’m choosing to embrace my past and relish in some of the great musical memories I have. See if any of these songs trigger any emotion in you:

Volume:Issue Issue Date(s) Weeks on Top Song Artist

20:20-21[n 4] 29 December 1973 – 5 January 1974 2 “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” Charlie Rich

20:22-23 12 – 19 January 2 “Time in a Bottle” Jim Croce

20:24-26, 21:1 26 January – 16 February 4 “Seasons in the Sun” Terry Jacks Canada

21:2 23 February 1 “The Way We Were” Barbra Streisand

21:3 2 March 1 “Love’s Theme” Love Unlimited Orchestra

21:4 9 March 1 “Spiders and Snakes” Jim Stafford

21:5 16 March 1 “A Love Song” Anne Murray Canada

21:6-7 23 March 2 “Rock On” David Essex

21:8 30 March – 6 April 1 “Sunshine on My Shoulders” John Denver

21:9-10 13 – 20 April 2 “Bennie and the Jets” Elton John

21:11[n 5] 27 April – 4 May 2 “TSOP” MFSB

21:12-13 11 May – 18 May 2 “The Loco-Motion” Grand Funk

21:14 25 May 1 “The Entertainer” Marvin Hamlisch

21:15 1 June 1 “The Streak” Ray Stevens

21:16 8 June 1 “Band on the Run” Paul McCartney and Wings

21:17-19 15 – 29 June 3 “Sundown” Gordon Lightfoot Canada

21:20 6 July 1 “Billy Don’t Be a Hero” Bo Donaldson and The Heywoods

21:21-22 13 – 20 July 2 “Rock the Boat” The Hues Corporation

21:23 27 July 1 “Rock Your Baby” George McCrae

21:24 3 August 1 “Annie’s Song” John Denver

21:25-26 10 – 17 August 2 “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” Elton John

22:1 24 August 1 “Feel Like Makin’ Love” Roberta Flack

22:2 31 August 1 “(You’re) Having My Baby” Paul Anka Canada

22:3 7 September 1 “I Shot the Sheriff” Eric Clapton

22:4-5 14 – 21 September 2 “Rock Me Gently” Andy Kim Canada

22:6 28 September 1 “Another Saturday Night” Cat Stevens

22:7 5 October 1 “I Honestly Love You” Olivia Newton-John

22:8 12 October 1 “Beach Baby” The First Class

22:9 19 October 1 “Another Saturday Night” (return) Cat Stevens

22:10 26 October 1 “You Haven’t Done Nothin'” Stevie Wonder

22:11 2 November 1 “The Bitch is Back” Elton John

22:12-14 9 – 23 November 3 “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” Bachman-Turner Overdrive Canada

22:15-17 30 November – 14 December 3 “My Melody of Love” Bobby Vinton

22:18-19[n 6] 21 December – 4 January 1975 ÷ 3 “Kung Fu Fighting”


Ya Gotta Ask

It was so cool to hear the story of how Agnes Davidson School was able to convince rocker Jon Bon Jovi to Skype them last week in what I’m sure will be a life-long memory for the kids in that class. It reinforces my philosophy of “if you want something you have to ask for it.” It’s certainly not something I came up with. I remember when I was campaign chairman of the United Way a number of years I was told that people aren’t necessarily going to just give. They have to be asked. That struck a chord. It makes sense. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.

I used that theory for TV and radio interviews of celebrities. I was amazed at how many people will actually say yes to you. Sure, you’ll get a no and sometimes you won’t even get a response but if you want it to happen you have to at least try.

A couple of my highlights over the years include asking promoter Ron Sakamoto if he’d do a behind the scenes story of what it takes to put on a concert. Toby Keith and Rascal Flatts were at the Enmax. The story was supposed to be about talking to all those people responsible for making the show happen. But I just threw in to Ron, “If Toby and Rascal Flatts want to talk, that would be great.” He didn’t promise me but on the night of the show he surprised me by bringing out Toby and the guys from Rascal Flatts. Very cool.

The Internet is a great tool. Every artist has a website and usually there is contact information. I wanted to get an interview with Tommy James who has sold over 90 million albums over his career. There was an e-mail to his publicist. I asked. The next day I was told he would phone me live on my radio show.

I sent an e-mail to American Pie singer Don McLean when I was at work one time. I included my work number on the e-mail. Ten minutes later I got a call from Don McLean himself. “I understand you want to talk to me.” What the what!!? Usually I get a call from a record rep who has to call a publicist who has to get in touch with the star and it takes a few days. That one surprised the hell out of me.

That played out over and over again. I’ve been fortunate to talk to Kenny Loggins, Eric Burdon, Randy Bachman, Florida Georgia Line, The Tragically Hip, Nickleback, Lady Gaga, Florence Henderson, Kreskin, Keith Urban, The Beach Boys, Tanya Tucker, Kiki Dee, Creedence Clearwater revisited, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and many others. Whether or not people cared that I was talking to these various celebrities I’m not sure but there’s no question that I got the biggest thrill out of it. And what’s nice if these people say yes to you it’s because they genuinely want to talk to you. I’ve never had a bad experience with any of them. I know for some celebrities they are contractually obligated to do some press and many times they hate doing it and can get a bit ornery. Fortunately, that never happened to me. I’ve been pretty blessed.

Ask and ye shall receive. (some of the time.)

Happy Father’s Day

He’s been an important part of my life. Always there for me no matter what. Showed up at every play I ever did. Watched all my hockey games. Most importantly gave me my sense of humor.

It’s Father’s Day and while I’ve given mentioned these quips before, I believe it’s worth repeating. Here’s some of my favorite quotes I’ve heard from my dad:

  • “Did you hear Bob died? It was nothing serious.”
  • When there are difficulties in one’s life: “Someone will think of something.”
  • “There are strange things done in the midnight sun.” (The Cremation of Sam McGee quoted often after a couple drinks.)
  • “Nobody goes there anymore, it’s too busy.” (Stolen from Yogi Berra)
  • “Stay where you’re tooin I’ll come where you’re at.”

Happy Father’s Day Dad!!!

Working For The Bulls

When I first started my Blog a few years ago it was my intention to try to write something almost every day. It was probably unrealistic but it forced me to try to spend an hour or two a day composing what I hoped would be an informative and entertaining bit of reading. Some days your mind is totally blank, other days it seems you can write for hours. It’s been fun trying to connect with various individuals to tell their stories and I like the blog format because there are no restrictions on length and what a person wants to talk about. I’ve really enjoyed that.

While I intend to continue with that my time has been consumed with my new position with the Lethbridge Bulls baseball team. I’m in marketing and fund development and it’s been a learning curve for me. Part of my job is to sell the product and selling is something I’ve never really done. In any sales position you’re going to get your fair share of nos. It’s taken me awhile to accept it and that it’s not always personal. Businesses have their budgets and sometimes they just don’t have the extra money for what I’m offering. On the other hand when I get a yes, I’m finding that’s a pretty cool feeling.

What’s nice about what I’m doing is that I totally believe that The Bulls are an important part of the fabric of the city. They are a source of family entertainment and the team is made up of classy young ball players who are playing a game they love and getting an opportunity to move on to play for a University somewhere and get an education. Many of the players come back to the city and become valuable citizens. I love that part of what this team is all about.

So if I call you and you say no, you’re destroying the livelihood of our young adults. (O.K. you’re not really but if I can guilt you into buying something I’m totally doing it.)

The other part of the job for me is to get the community engaged. That’s why we came up with the Charity Tug of War tournament. We managed to get 28 charities to ante up $100 each with the winner at the end of the season taking home $2800 for their organization. It’s a way to create a little more awareness about some of the great work that these people do on a daily basis. Plus it’s been fun. We encouraged the teams to find the biggest people they can in an effort to win it all. I can tell you there have been some big people. The second round is going to be interesting.

I also want to bring in as many diverse people to sing the National Anthem, throw out the first pitch and to have fun in the 7th inning singing Take Me Out To The Ball Game much like they do at Wrigley in Chicago.

The title of my job is Marketing and Fund Development. Sometimes I like to call it Marketing and Fun Development.

Again, if I call you to do something this year please say yes or a Bull will show up at your house and rearrange your furniture. (I don’t like violence)

So in case you wondered, that’s what I’ve been up to. Here’s to a championship season.

Cool Cars, Interesting People: Scott Crighton

Chances are you’ve had a couple of drinks in one of the pubs run by entrepreneur Scott Crighton. You may remember the Alberta Meat Market where Scott developed his work ethic as a teenager and along with his many pubs he is part owner of his own brewery and hires about 200 employees.

Our vehicle is from Northside Lethbridge Dodge. We welcome back Neil G who tells us all about the 2017 Jeep Cherokee Summit.

And fast becoming one of our favorite stops for our interviews we popped over to Coulee Brew Co. Here now is Cool Cars, Interesting People with Scott Crighton.