Rippin’ Off Jerry Seinfeld

I’m a big fan of Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.” It’s on the website, Crackle. As the name implies he literally picks up a comedian in a car and he goes for coffee to talk about life and other things. I love how casual and real it is. His guest isn’t pushing a movie or a comedy gig– they’re just talking. You get a sense of who that person is. I think there’s something about going for coffee that creates a relaxed atmosphere. There aren’t any big expectations. It’s just coffee. The pressure comes off. At least that’s my theory.

With that in mind I’m attempting to do a similar thing here in Lethbridge. To my knowledge there aren’t a whole lot of comedians in the city but I do know that there are a lot of interesting people. And judging by the way thousands of people line the streets during Street Machine Weekend, there are a lot of cool cars that people own and admire. So my working title of the show is, “Cool Cars, Interesting People.” I will endeavor to find a car that is either brand new or a classic, find an interesting person, pick up that person in the aforementioned car and then we’ll go for coffee and talk.

Is it a rip-off of what Seinfeld is doing? You bet. But Seinfeld isn’t talking to Lethbridge people and I don’t think he will in the near future. So I’m going to give this a shot and see where it takes me.

As a first run, Paul McDonald of McDonald Nissan let me use a 2016 Nissan Maxima. It’s a four-door sports car. I can tell you there was a big difference going from my 2009 Saturn into that baby. I then picked up legendary concert promoter and entrepreneur, Ron Sakamoto who agreed to be my first guinea pig. We headed over to the Mocha Cabana and we talked. (I had coffee. Ron doesn’t drink coffee so he just had water—I bought.) We talked for a good half hour about how he got into promoting, about the first big band he brought to Lethbridge, The Doobie Brothers, about one of his favorite people, Shania Twain, about the promise he made to Keith Urban, about the invitation he got from George Strait and he revealed who the one big time star is that he’d like to meet and promote a cross-Canada tour for.

So I’m hoping this creates some interest. The segment is being edited as we speak. Hope you watch. Hope you enjoy. Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Rippin’ Off Jerry Seinfeld

  1. Hey, Mark, this is Jerry. So, did you really think you’d escape my scrutiny? Did you not think that I, Jerry Seinfield, do not have the eyes and ears to see and hear that audible tearing sound? Are we not aware of the close connection we share via cyber space? I think not!!! Oh, by the way, nice car!!


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