Monday Brain Waves

Welcome to Monday. Here’s what thoughts are winding their way through the passageways of my cerebellum today:

I had my recurring dream again last night. It’s not always exactly the same but the theme is consistent: I’m a DJ at a radio station, my song is ending and I can’t find the next song to play. There’s confusion, I’m frustrated and there’s dead air. It amazes me how often that scene gets played out while I’m in la-la land. Ironically, I’m never ever playing a song by R.E.M. in those dreams. I’m going to have to contact Joseph from The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and get him to interpret what this all means.

I love having a croissant that was just put on the shelf the same day that you got it. If you have it three days after the shelf date, it’s totally different.

I’m thrilled for singer/songwriter Leeroy Stagger winning $100,953 in the Alberta Peak Performance Project. That’s a big chunk of change for an independent artist and I’m sure Leeroy has some big ideas about his next album. He has a concert coming up at the U of L Theatre as a member of the Highway 3 Roots Revue with John Wort Hannam and Dave McCann on November 30. I’m guessing John and Dave are expecting Leeroy to bring more than just a cheese tray for the after concert party.

It’s funny the little joy you get when you get a tweet liked or retweeted. I like them all but I admit it’s a little extra special when it comes from a celebrity. I suspect that it’s not really the celebrity reading your tweets but still I was overjoyed when I saw in my little notification section that Eric Idle, Ricky Gervais, Josh Duhamel, Sharon Osbourne and just yesterday, Leeroy Stagger “liked” something I said.

Thought for the day: Always be nice to your kids. The longer you live, the more likely your kids are going to decide what nursing home you’re going into.

I never really got into the CFL this year. I was mostly caught up in the Blue Jay run. However, I’m happy to see the Ottawa Red Blacks are in the Grey Cup with Henry Burris (us older people have to stick together) against the Edmonton Eskimos. Edmonton was the better team this season but I wonder how much of a difference a healthy John Cornish would have made for the Stamps. The good news for Ottawa and Edmonton: You’re in the Grey Cup. The bad news: You’ve got to play outdoors in Winnipeg in November.

I’ve been taping most of the Late Night talk shows. I don’t watch Jimmy Kimmel but I do watch Fallon, Colbert, Meyers and Cordon. I’m really impressed with all of them. In my opinion Fallon is probably the king of silly, Colbert and Meyers are both more cerebral and are very sharp with their political commentary. I think Colbert may be the best actual interviewer right now. Cordon has managed to bring something different to late night shows with his interviewing everyone at the same time format and his guests seem to genuinely like him. There’s no question that everyone is working really hard at their craft. Latest ratings show that Fallon leads everyone but I’d like to go for a beer with everyone of them.

Jane Fonda was on Cobert last week. She is 77. Still looks amazing.

There’s lots of talk about a 3rd crossing in Lethbridge. I say leave it up to dentists. They should know a lot about building a bridge. And great if you can submit to your spouse’s other insurance.


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