Oscar Night. A Few Thoughts

I thought Chris Rock delivered last night as the host of the Academy Awards. He addressed the diversity issue right off the bat and didn’t shy away from it in any way. He was hard hitting but yet he was able to keep it funny. As you would expect he was edgy and I’m sure there were a few people who cringed at some of his lines. For me, I never felt uncomfortable for him. He got a few zingers in and he brought the audience along for the ride. He was the perfect choice for what has been a controversial year. I’m not sure there are a lot of hosts that could have done what he did.

A few other Oscar thoughts:

I really liked the idea of having the crawl on the bottom of the screen for all the people the winners wanted to thank. For the most part the speeches ended when they were supposed to. Best director Alejandro González Iñárritu talked through his music but his final point, “Make sure once and forever that the color of the skin becomes as irrelevant as the length of our hair” was poignant.

If you’re looking at who had the best performance of the night, for the second year in a row it had to go to Lady Gaga. I have become such a huge fan of hers over the years as she’s traded in showing off her raw meat costumes for showing off what raw talent she has. Last year’s Sound of Music tribute was phenomenal. Her rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at the Super Bowl was as good as Whitney Houston and last night’s Til It Happens To You was an emotionally charged performance that got the audience on its feet and may very well have been the best moment of the night. I can’t say that I liked Sam Smith’s song, “Writing’s On The Wall.” I’m a fan but I didn’t think it could compare to Gaga’s tune. I was disappointed she didn’t win.

I loved Dave Grohl’s rendition of Blackbird in the “In Memoriam” section.

As I mentioned yesterday I had only watched one of the eight nominated best picture films. Just before the Oscars I managed to watch my second nominated movie, Spotlight which I thought was terrific. Just based on the hype and the previous award shows I didn’t think it had a shot at beating the Revenant. I was happy for them although I didn’t have a lot to compare it to.

I was disappointed Sly Stallone didn’t win for Best Supporting Actor. But again I didn’t see what’s his name in Bridge of Spies.

I was stunned at how many awards Mad Max Fury Road got. (Didn’t see it.) I thought Star Wars would get a few. I’m sure grossing $2 billion at the box office eased the pain of not getting a golden statue.

Another thought:

I’d hate being one of the reporters on the red carpet. First and foremost what can you ask that’s different from everything that’s ever been asked before? Second and more importantly, I would probably forget most of the actor’s names. I’d be talking about a performance in Bridge of Spies when the person was actually in Room.

Final thought:

Oscars were still too long.

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