Fare Thee Well Downton Abbey

I watched the final episode of Downton Abbey last night. I remember when it originally was nominated for a bunch of Emmys and I quite snobbishly thought, “Oh geez, why is one of those old English historic dramas getting such acclaim. I want Grey’s Anatomy to win!!” Of course I hadn’t seen Downton so it was a very ignorant and stupid sentiment. Basically I started watching it last year and got totally addicted and enthralled with it. Last night in the final episode I was tearing up the whole way and not just because my wife kept hitting me for constantly talking in an English accent. It was nice to see that the show ended on all happy notes. I kept getting the feeling that something horrible was going to happen to Edith after she finally found true happiness—a fatal car crash after avoiding an escaped pig who was crossing the highway, or Bertie’s mother was going to change her mind about accepting her and they’d have to live in an old hovel like Dudley Moore and Lisa Minelli in Arthur. (By the way doesn’t her new husband Bertie remind you of Nile Crane from Fraser?) Both Lady Mary and Carson annoyed me on a number of occasions-Lady Mary being such a bitch to her sister, and Mr. Carson being a bit of a dick to many of his subordinates and to his wife. Oh dear me, I’ve gotten crass. My apologies. It is beneath me. Let’s say that Lady Mary acted rather boorishly to her sibling and that Mr. Carson did not let his ultimate loyalty to his Lord and Lady be compromised even if it meant being rude to the others who did not show the same commitment. (Boy does he have a great voice for radio. I wish I could borrow it for voice over work.)

I wondered what it would be like to get dressed up every night before dinner and be served an elegant meal never having to cook or clean a dish. Just leave the table and go for an after-dinner liqueur. I’m not sure I’d be welcome after a week in the house. My fart jokes would not be well received as part of the dinner conversation. “Ma-mah, be a dear and pull my finger won’t you?” And what’s the deal with needing someone to help you get dressed? Are you really that incapable of putting a blouse on over your head? Again, different times.

At any rate, Downton Abbey was a well-acted, well written look at a different time in English history when there was the elite and there were those who served the elite. There were great stories. I was fascinated and spellbound and I totally enjoyed the experience. Now, I gotta go get me a pizza.

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