Cool Cars, Interesting People-Fr. Kevin

Every now and then I feel a person needs to revisit his spirituality, have a look within themselves to see if they still have a soul. I can’t say that I’m a deeply devoted religious person but I admire the men and women who give up many worldly things to serve God and I wonder what compels them to do so. That’s the inspiration for asking Fr. Kevin Tumback to be our guest on Cool Cars, Interesting People of The All Saints Parish in Lethbridge. As you will find out he was in the business world before he made the decision to become a priest. He was even ready to propose to a woman and get married before he found his true calling. You’ll discover that he is dedicated to his calling, has a great sense of humor and like all people born in Saskatchewan has an opinion on what they should do with the Riders.

Our car today is a 2016 Prius from Lethbridge Toyota. Tim Schipper fills us in on the latest options available and tells us about an interesting experiment with a group of University management students to see how far they could go on a tank of gas in a Prius.


Our coffee was at the Rogue restaurant in the Water Tower meaning that we “ascended into heaven” for the interview.

Did I discover if I had a soul? You tell me after you watch this edition of Cool Cars, Interesting People.

7 thoughts on “Cool Cars, Interesting People-Fr. Kevin

  1. Great interview Mark. Both you and Fr. Kevin are some of my favorite people.

    Maureen Condon Horon
    All Saints Parish


  2. I was impressed with the questions and how they were answered. No sugar coating. I did notice how Fr. Kevin memorized his Homily and it does get our attention! I was listening, but will never agree with the St. Patrick issue!


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