Cool Cars, Interesting People: Leeroy Stagger

Anyone who follows my blog or watched Scene & Heard over the years will know that I’ve always been a big fan of singer-songwriter Leeroy Stagger. I’ve always been intrigued by his song-writing style and his honest approach to everything he does not to mention he has some pretty cool stories some of which he won’t let me go public with. I’m sure when he writes his autobiography one day he’ll reveal it all. He has always gone out of his way to accommodate me for interviews and it was no exception when I asked him to do Cool Cars, Interesting People. I had been after him for a while but life got in the way with the birth of a new child followed by a tour to Europe. We finally found a date and I caught up with him at his newly-built recording studio. (It’s awesome.) It didn’t hurt that he had just won $100,000 in a radio contest for up and coming artists to help with the new digs.

Our “cool car” was a 2016 Yukon Denali from Davis GMC Buick. Cole Balog filled us in on all the latest features.


Our coffee was provided by the Lodge Hotel.

Here now is Cool Cars, Interesting People with Leeroy Stagger.



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