Making That Healthy Change

Most of us have tried to diet. Some have succeeded, some have failed miserably. Well known Lethbridge personality Jim Castelli is going through the challenge of a clean eating journey and wanted to share his experience.

First off, why are you doing this clean eating journey?

I am doing this clean eating journey for my health and to prove to myself that I can follow my own programs and advice and make radical change happen. Sugar cravings are things I teach my clients to deal with. Also, at age 50 and with some annoying health issues (breathing and Achilles tendons) I need to know I am doing all I can to increase my quality of life. Also, after years in the entertainment industry I have created a world in which I am enabled to drink alcohol almost every day. I found that this was becoming a problem and that I no longer had an off switch…For my health and the love and respect of my children and partner, I had to stop drinking.
There are 6 million clean eating options out there. What are you on or not on and why?

Of the many clean eating diets I have chosen a ketogenic diet (Ideal Protein). One of the reasons I am using this one is I did part of phase 1 last November and was very successful yet did not follow through with it – now I am ready to make amazing things happen with it. Also, my partner Terra has been hired as the administrator and lead consultant with what will become My Ideal Fresh Life Health And Wellness. I am also doing the program so I can consult and add this service into my therapy services.

What convinces you that this method is going to work for you?

The science behind this program (over ten years research and the work of JJ Virgin tells me this is good) and the fact that I have experience with it and also my partner has done it and lost about 70 pounds on it in the last year.
You’re off booze. Has that been tough or not an issue at all?
I am 40 days sober now, it was easy for me to break free as I was able to program myself that I could not have one drink.

What has been tough about this?

The worst time for me was being out at my friend Peter Brown’s cabin at Tie lake when everyone was drinking and everyone was offering me scotch and bourbon (my fav’s)… I found that very stressful. I have also been going through counselling for alcohol addiction which has been very successful.

Why did you decide to go viral on this journey?

Two reasons for going Viral; many of the people who I get my knowledge and inspiration from do the same thing (as in producing videos and blogs) and I am very grateful for their insights and it is a way of paying forward. Also, there is a business component for me. As I go through my process I am learning and developing new programs and techniques to assist my clients. I am also going to adding this experience to my motivational presentations. There is also a need to get back into the public eye in a positive way. In spite of the work I have done to keep myself out there, I have fallen off the grid. I run into people all the time who do not know me or do not know what I do. I would like to change that now.

What’s your ultimate goal?

My ultimate goal was to get below 200 pounds (I am already there – as of today under 198), however, now my goal has evolved to be more of a percentage of my lean body mass. My starting percentage was almost 29% (I was shocked by that)…. now my new goal is now to get down to 22% (which would put me at 186 lbs – I have not been that weight since my early 30’s!).
Will you be able to handle not getting there if you don’t?

My new goal both scares and excites me. This is going to be an interesting journey for sure. At this point in my life, I am not concerned about failing…why would I fail? What could possibly be happening which is beyond my control? This is my attitude towards this and where my focus is. I have not set a goal date for achieving this so, worst thing would be that I set a date and then do not achieve it and have to set another one. It is all a learning process so failure will be just another step in learning. This is where most will fail… they believe there are forces at play which are beyond their control. This is not true…excuses are not “real” barriers.

What is one thing you simply can’t give up and still make this journey a success?

At this point I do not know of anything which I cannot give up. Being sober should have been really hard but it has been the easiest part of my journey. Things I am missing right now are popcorn and extra meat (having a full steak or extra burger at supper). There is nothing right now that I am struggling with… just smaller portions. So I guess that is my answer and non answer lol.
Where can we watch you go through all of this?

I am going to continue doing Facebook Live videos and will be posting on my James R M Castelli Facebook page. I will also be posting it on my website I suppose I could start a Youtube channel dedicated to that. Until then I am posting my videos on my James Castelli Youtube channel.


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