The Wine List Show #9

Craig Baunton of Everything Wine & More tells about this nice red blend wine from Argentina


Cool Cars, Interesting People: Daniel Zopoula

Daniel Zopoula is one of those guys that you instantly like. He has a zest for life and a passion for making the world a better place to live. He is a pastor, a motivational speaker and the President of Bridges of Hope which is a multinational charity dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. Their big fundraiser featuring Theo Fleury is on September 28.

Our car is a 1979 Rolls Royce Shadow II which was graciously lent to us by Jessie Parmar. I never thought I’d ever say that I drove a Rolls Royce. It was pretty cool. My one regret on this segment is that I didn’t have a chauffeur’s hat. Our coffee stop was at Dennys.

Here is Cool Cars, Interesting People with Daniel Zopoula.


The Dreaded Poop Test


If you have any kind of gag reflex it might be best for you not to read this.

It can be argued that the worst thing you ever want to hear from your doctor isn’t, “You’ve got diabetes,” or “It appears to be a tumor” but rather, “I want you to give a stool sample.”

There’s no gentle way to explain what is required of you. It’s akin to some kind of medieval blood letting that they used to do in the Middle Ages. It’s just nasty. You literally have to poop into some kind of collection device, then using a utensil of some description you have to scoop up some of your poop and with the dexterity of a rabbi doing a circumcision you have to place said poop into a container and seal it up making sure it doesn’t get contaminated and putting it in a fridge until you’re ready to bring it to the clinic.

Why hasn’t Hasbro or Kenners come up with a clever and fun way to make this whole operation easier and less humiliating?

I mean you have to poop into a “hat.” If you didn’t get one there’s the alternative of spreading saran wrap over your toilet in which case you’ll never look at a left over roasted beef sandwich the same again.

Last week I took my 93-year old dad to his doctor. It was there I heard those dreaded words: “stool sample.” What makes it worse is that she not only wanted one but THREE different samples over three days. My dad is quite independent and even at 93 he is very capable of doing most things. But he has macular degeneration thus he has a lot of trouble with his eyesight. To make things more complex, the entire kit doesn’t give you much room to work with. The packets they want you to put your “product” in are really small. For my dad it’s like he’s doing microsurgical reconstruction without a microscope. He gave it his best “shot” over the past three days but unfortunately the lab rejected his samples because they got smeared outside of the containment area.

So it’s back to the old drawing board this week (or whatever you want to call it.)

I went to his apartment and we went through the motions of what he needs to do. I told him to channel his inner Helen Keller. He may have not appreciated that.

You may be thinking, “You’re his son, it’s your responsibility to help him with the scatological transfer.”

You may be right but I figure he’s got to learn on his own. He’ll feel so much better when he gets it right. It’s what he taught me. At least that’s what I’m going with for this week.

Why Run For Council You Ask

I was born in Lethbridge and I have lived my entire life in this community. I just celebrated my 24th wedding anniversary with my wife Sharlene. I am the proud son of Eric & Lil Campbell. Both had flourishing careers- My dad worked for over 40 years at McGavin’s Bread while my mother was a highly respected nurse who retired as Supervisor of the Operating Room at St. Michael’s Hospital. They provided a solid foundation for my older brother Ken and me growing up. They instilled in us an appreciation and love for our city. I graduated from Catholic Central High School and later took the Radio Arts course at Lethbridge College. That was the beginning of a 43-year career in radio, TV and newspaper. Through Greetergrammers (singing telegrams) I have had a lot of fun in this community. Friends and I brought lots of great birthday, anniversary and special occasion wishes to thousands of folks from all walks of life. It was always a blast to join people in their homes and see the surprised faces during these special times.

Everything I have become, any success that I can claim, I owe to Lethbridge. It’s time to give back.

I want to be a part of the decision making process as the city moves forward into what I consider to be an era of incredible growth and opportunity. My media background has taught me the skills to interview people from all walks of life from politicians to non-profit organizations to people who just have a story to tell. What does that have to do with being an effective councillor? To me it’s all about having developed an ability to listen, to absorb information and thus become informed.

Having played hockey, football and slow pitch over the years I am a big believer in teamwork. City Council is a team. It is fundamental for good governance that those who are elected must be informed of all issues brought before them. By asking the right questions and having a proper debate the team can then make a decision that will be the best option for the city. I hope to be part of that team. I am available any time to discuss issues of concern to any member of our community.


Cool Cars, Interesting People: Mark & Candy

I first met Mark Litchfield and Candy Williams when Trudeau was elected as Prime Minster. I’m talking Justin’s dad, Pierre and it was his 3rd term in office. Let’s just say we’ve known each other for a long time. Mark and Candy decided to start a little dance company called Danceworks. Thirty-four years later they’re still together and still love what they’re doing. (No they’re not married to each other although their symbiotic relationship would be a good example for what a marriage could be.)

Our vehicle this time around is a brand new Qashqai from McDonald Nissan. It’s one of Nissan’s biggest sellers and I have to say I really liked its unique lime green color.

Our coffee was provided by Brian Quinn at Java The Hut who is directing Little Shop of Horrors at the Moose Hall. That just happens to be  where we sat down for our conversation.